Euphoria Carnival Troupe, Inc. is a 501c3 non-propofit organization registered in the United States Virgin Islands.

The end of an era with a previous organization opened the door of opportunity for Euphoria Carnival Troupe to jump on the scene. Bursting at the seams with eveything euphoria stands for, the troupe made its debut in the 2011 Virgin Islands Carnival celebrations! Since its birth, Euphoria Carnival Troupe stands for intense excitement and happiness and each year we make it our first duty to ensure that our members embrace and feel just that. The vision of Euphoria's founders is rooted in their passion and love for Carnival and the part that Carnival has in the culture of the Virgin Islands.  Keeping true to that vision, that passion, and the seam of Virgin Islands culture, Euphoria Carnival Troupe represents the heart of the community.

As a troupe, the community plays a big part in our success and as a non-profit organization giving back to our community is doubly important to that success. Our focus is on building relationships to support and empower the youths of the community and to serve the less fortunate at home. We support efforts that provide better living for our homeless and have adopted little league teams on island. We envision more efforts and partnerships with other organizations to make our impact greater.

We are the vibrant display of excitement and happiness; WE ARE EUPHORIA!